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Once you have decided you’d like to spend time with me you will be required

to fill out my simple Contact Form in its entirety. You’ll be asked to provide pr-

oper screening information and asked to introduce yourself as well as letting me

know what type of date you are interested in. * PLEASE NOTE: I am a Luxury Co-

mpanion who exemplifies a high level of class. Profane language and/or Explicit V-

erbiage will not be tolerated what so ever. Please reciprocate the respect and dignity

in which you will be shown and the process will go swimmingly. Abiding by these simple standards will give your date request seniority, a warm welcoming smile and the sweetest interactions when we adjoin for our date.  




When visiting me at my Private Incall in Baton Rouge: Please Place your donation on the entryway table in an unsealed envelope. 

For Incall visits at Hotels or Outcall at your place: Please place your donation on the bathroom vanity.

For Public Meetings: Please place your donation in a cute Greeting Card or Small Gift Bag. The donation should be presented directly after we greet. 


As a sweet and Professional courtesy, please don’t forget these steps as it makes me uncomfortable to remind you and very uneasy to discuss the donation during our date. I would much rather keep my focus and attention on making our date a pleasing and memorable experience for us both! Thank you for your compliance in advance. 




I do require a deposit for all dates. 


For 1 - 3 hour dates a deposit of $100 will be required 

For dates exceeding 3 hours a %50 percent deposit will be required 


I currently offer multiple options both electronic and non-electronic to forward your deposit. Click here for options. 


I value your time as a professional and hope that you will value my time as well. If for some reason I should happen to cancel our meeting I will give you as much notice as possible and refund your full deposit. If you should happen to cancel within 12h of our scheduled date, 100% of the remaining balance will be required. Cancellation fees should be sent within 3 hours of cancelling. Compliance with these policies will easily give you the opportunity to re-book in the future, as it shows professional respect and is Super Sexy! Non-Compliance with these policies will result in being placed on my “Do Not See” list. So again, please let’s simply respect each other’s time and everything will be fine and seamless. 




I generally prefer Pre-Booking but I understand that may not always be a possibility. The adequate amount of time I feel I will need to be 100% prepared for our date is 4 hours.  There will be a $200 additional Fee for Date Requests less than 4 hours of requested time. 

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Do you have an Incall? Can I come to you? 

Yes, I host from a discrete location in Baton Rouge LA. I often travel and will be hosting in those locations as well. 


I’m nervous and this is my first time seeing a Companion. What happens when we meet? 

It’s totally okay to be nervous. Remember, our time together will be one without judgement. To be honest, I get nervous at times too but I can assure you a relaxing and enjoyable time. When we meet, we can sit and get to know one another over drinks (Alcoholic or Non) to break the ice and get comfortable. You’ll take a moment to freshen up then I will give you a tour of my Boudoir. Once our evening has evolved your nervousness will be reduced to mere ashes! We will have lots of fun together and will be like we’ve known each other for years. 


What happens after I Book?

I’ll ask if you have any questions for me (Please refrain from inquiring about specific services as they have been listed here and throughout my site), I’ll respond and then the excitement of anticipation begins! If we’re meeting at my place, I’ll send location details 24-36h before our meeting. On the day of our date I will send a confirmation message to ensure that you’d still like to meet. 


Can you verify that you are who you say you are?? 

Yes I can and I’ll be delighted to. You can check out my Verified and Vouched for Profile on ------, I also have tons of Media/Interviews across my Blog and Twitter  


What is your Menu? 

I am an All Inclusive Provider with a plethora of options to enjoy. Please remain Classy when letting me know what kind of date you are looking for on my Contact Form. 


May I use you as a Reference? 

Yes! If we’ve met within the last year and I thoroughly enjoyed your chivalry, absolutely! Please contact me before using me as reference as a simple courtesy. If we haven’t met within the last year, Please do not use me as a Reference unless given special permission. 


Do you see Virgins?

Of course! I will be overjoyed and honored to be booked for your “First Time”! Please let me know that you are a virgin when booking so I will be better prepared for your special day! 


How can I please you during our time together? 

As mentioned previously, adhering to all of my screening requests, being respectful and efficient during the booking process will be a great beginning to pleasing me and will bring out the best in me. After booking, arriving to our date on time, having impeccable hygiene and bringing a smile will please me even more! I am a sucker for romance, chivalry and thoughtfulness. Presenting me with flowers, a tip, small gift or donating to any of my favorite charities (Please Inquire) would be the icing on the cake aside from your company. 


Do you take Wardrobe/Outfit Requests? 

Yes! I love outfit requests as it provides a chance for sexy role play as well adding to my wardrobe. If you’d like me to model something specific, you may send a gift card for me to purchase whatever you’d like. You may send by mail (inquire for mailing location) or bring the items to our date. 


I need Ultimate Discretion with correspondence. How can this happen? 

I can assure that for your safety as well as mine your information will be held in the most discreet and professional manner. I also have a secondary email used for employment verification that does not trace back the industry in any way. This is to provide you with an extra layer of security if discretion is needed. 

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